Friday, September 9, 2011

gone til november, i’ll be gone til november (overdue like a muhfuh)

o me o my, the internet really effed me on this one, and this note that i meant to post the morning of my last bake didn't go through! internet i love you so, but sometimes you are a finicky butthole. alas, here's that one:

i pulled those last purdy loaves outta the pizzaiolo oven this morn, with the helpful hands of my boy josh, and then promptly shed a tear… then i started prancing around the place singing lady gaga, cuz holy crap, the adventure begins now. YESYESYES.

i’m leaving SF in a few hours, and i am rip roarin and ready to partay like there isn’t a tomorrow. oh but there’s a tomorrow alright… about 75 of em, spent wandering all over this awesome world. i’m outros doggies.

sooo, this is the last post that will have anything to do with bread for a while (and this one is barely about bread). but this is the first post of the rest of my life. (what?) i don’t know, shut up.

so if you like, you should check in here once in a while, cuz i plan on sharing lots of tidbits of my journeys over the next coupla months. and you can maybe shoot me an email once in a while to say, “yo baker boy, i miss your bread, and i am happy you’re having fun, and my life is like (here’s where YOU fill in the blank)… check ya on that day of thanks, my dog.”

i won’t see ya for a while (AKA i will be back and in action by Thanksgiving at the latest) but i’ll be thinking of you, and bringing you along with me.

GOD does this have to be so dramatic? i mean, you’re coming back in a little while, why don’t you just shut up and go already?!?

okay, okay, okay i’m going, don't get all meanface on me! til we are in each other’s arms, once again and forever, frolicking in rainbows and moonbeams,

<3 josey

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