Friday, August 13, 2010

bread every week delivered by josey? are you kidding me...?!?

want some totally sweet (or sour) home-baked bread each week, delivered right to your door by a cute boy named josey baker? well by golly you can have it.

e-mail me and let me know that that is what you're after, and i'll add you to my community supported bread (CSB) list. each week i'll be baking up a new type of bread, and then i'll bike or walk it right on over to you. it's too good to be true.

some of the breads i'll be baking: whole wheat country levain, cinnamon raisin; almond fig; apricot sage; rye bread; 100% whole wheat; roasted garlic & rosemary.

here's the deal: you can buy a few loaves and see what you think with no strings attached, and then once you're hooked and want one each week, you subscribe, and voila - every week you get a new loaf of bread. totally rad.

into it? email me.

josey.baker [at] gmail [dot] com

kiss me.

<3 josey

p.s. i love jumping off rocks


  1. what a beautiful loaf man combo! You are doing it. So cool to see someone just making it happen. Loved hanging this weekend. Any chance you might ride a loaf down to Santa Cruz sometime?

  2. i'll ride a loaf across the deep blue sea for you, you hunk of man.

  3. Your bread is amazing! I shared my loaf with this crazy hippie wearing a dress and sandals. I swear he fed a whole school with that one loaf. All's I'm saying is - your bread is a miracle.